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A Sight for Sewn Eyes

An amalgamation of influences can often confound the songwriting process, and the melding of diverse styles requires a certain set of talents that are far from common. Halifax's A Sight For Sewn Eyes are one such group able to integrate a wide variety of influence into a brand of aggressive music all their own. Since their formation in 2009, the band has demonstrated a tireless work ethic, with a tour schedule that is as intensive as their sound. With roots based in technical metal and hardcore music, the maritime quartet is expertly able in the art of borrowing characteristics from across the aggressive music world, and sometimes from outside of it. With technical musicianship and thought-provoking songwriting as their main tools, A Sight For Sewn Eyes brings forth a further evolution of their signature emotive technical metal on their latest effort, Alone Together. Finding intelligent bridges between spastic technical metal, emotional melodic metalcore, and even ambient rock, A Sight For Sewn Eyes' eclectic sound grabs at all the senses and pushes them to their limits.
Halifax, Nova Scotia
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