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Al Grantham

Jimmy from the block, former porn stars, videogame addiction, identity confusion, yard sales, middle-class suburban delusion, box-stores, blind love, bravery, drunk romance, drunk injustice, the ruling elite, right, wrong, wrong rights and right wrongs

Al Grantham has some stories to tell.

Growing up in the small town of Paris, Ontario, Al Grantham spent his formative high-school years holed up in his bedroom, dissecting Beatles songs and dog-earing books. After dropping out of high school, Grantham bounced around southern Ontario, trying to find his niche as a singer/songwriter and lead guitarist. 2010 saw the release of his highly idiosyncratic one-man-band debut "When I Way A Boy...". The formation of his band Low Hanging Lights with fellow Parasite Ian Boos soon followed, and the trio (featuring drummer Aaron Bennett) have been crashing Toronto venues with their unusual, poetic punk-folk stylings ever since.

Sometimes, lost in the hubbub of smashed mannequins and general onstage chaos is Grantham's loud pounding, literate heart, which he quietly chose to flaunt once again by joining friend and producer Kaleb Hikele to record a new solo record in August of 2013.

Grantham's songs reveal the mind of an experienced wallflower; a gifted storyteller, and the adult end-result of alienated youth from small town Ontario. He currently resides in Toronto's west-end. You can call him up for a drink, whenever.

Toronto, Ontario
Underground chart position: 457
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