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Alissa Vox Raw

Often with no more than a loop pedal and her voice Alissa Vox RAW creates rich tapestries of sound from a multitude of organically built harmonic parts, interwoven together to create full music beds. Old styles of soul, doo-wop and blues with an indie and subtly eerie contemporary twist are reinterpreted through new technologies. A variety of other instruments such as electric kalimba, electric guitar, synth, djembe and other percussive instruments) are also sometimes used and expressed in new ways to create a unique sound that is both edgy and ethereal.

The music of AVR finds its inspiration in a variety of sources: from old city blues and jazz, to doo-wop, soul and roots reggae, to modern indie rock, garage and new wave. Having played, recorded and studied music on various parts of the globe, much inspiration has been found in alternative modes, scales and sounds as well as sounds from sources not conventionally used as instruments. A variety of sounds are explored and are not confined by the limitations of of Western popular music.

(i.e. The Higher Institute for the Arts El Instituto Superior De Arte in Havana Cuba, KNUST University in Ghana, West Africa, etc.), some traditional elements of various forms of world music, the building blocks of all music, are also incorporated.

AVR performances include being part of Indie Week Canada 2011 and 2012, the Toronto Fringe Festival 2011, Canadian Music Week 2012 and NXNE 2013.

Toronto, Ontario
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