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Andrew Johnston

On his latest E.P, “Brace for Impact: Part 1” independent artist Andrew Johnston writes anthemic songs about life’s hardships and struggles-4 folk-infused songs with just enough redemption to keep hope alive.

Growing up in Ottawa and now calling Montreal home, Andrew has been releasing albums under his name, or the moniker Andrew Vs. the Enabler since 2006. Prior to that he was one of the driving forces in the critically acclaimed group The Gentleman’s Club, and has also recorded and played with other artists, appearing on Jf Robitaille’s album Calendar.

Recorded by Andrew and his band the Hurricane at Seratone Studios in Montreal, “Brace for Impact” is the precursor to the Murray Lightburn produced album “The New Great Game” set for release later in 2015. The E.P includes collaborations with some of Montreal’s most gifted musicians, and features a gorgeous orchestral arrangement on “Night Owl” by Ben Wilkins, as well as drumming by legendary George Donoso (Sam Roberts, the Dears, High Dials). The E.P even got the all star treatment, with a mix by Jesse Malin’s producer Don Deligo, who came onboard to mix lead-off single “Living In The Free World.”

Montreal, Quebec
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