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Anthony Tullo

Anthony Tullo was born and raised in Oakville Ontario Canada. He started his acting career at the age of 21. Anthony has starred in several television and film projects including many national voice over campaigns throughout Canada and the USA. After guest starring in shows like “Liberty Street” CBC, “Mutant X” CITY TV, and “The Relic Hunter” CITY TV; he landed a supporting lead role in the feature film “A Friday Night Date” starring Casper Van Dien (Melrose Place) and Cathrine Oxenburg (Dynasty). He played an ego driven insane quarterback name Zack.

Anthony chased his dream of acting, producing, and directing his own feature film by putting a secret plan into effect. A long shot, yet he was convinced he could pull it off. He fired his agent and soon after took a break from acting to study the art of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and pursued to win a medal in the sport. He planned to build and open up a small school, temporarily teaching the martial art to beginners for five years and save every dollar to produce his film. Five years turned to seven, however he did exactly that.

Anthony traveled to Brazil where he won the bronze medal in the Worlds in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and came back to Canada to win the gold medal in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu in 2003. It was soon after that when he met and connected with Jeff Joslin his new BJJ teacher. Jeff became a recognizable name himself by successfully winning his way into the UFC, the highest pinnacle of mixed martial arts in the world. Anthony landed a reoccurring role on the TV show “Out There with Melissa DiMarco” on CITY TV and began acting again, still continuing secretly to pursue his plan for his feature film.

Anthony enjoys writing and took the time to write a psychological thriller screenplay called “A Secret Cross” in 2011. “A Secret Cross” is now a complete feature film and stars Ex-UFC fighter Jeff Joslin as a supporting lead. The film got the attention of social media distributor Linda Nelson at Nelson Madison Films in Los Angeles. The film also won the International award of excellence and best supporting actor at the Los Angeles Movie awards in 2012. It continued its winning streak when it was selected to be a part of the Moving Images Film Festival in Toronto and won Best Independent feature film.

In 2012 his film “A SECRET CROSS” got the attention of film producer Wayne Thompson and shortly after Anthony was connected with a well respected high powered executive in the music business, Eddie Wenrick. Eddie took a liking to Anthony and both his film and musical talent. Eddie now works closely with Anthony on his music and film career. He has produced a country rock album called “Relentless” with the top musicians and writers in the music business today, as well as two music videos from the album itself. Plans for a tour are in the works for Canada and the States. The film “A SECRET CROSS” is now on Amazon Prime and Google play world wide.

Oakville, Ontario
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