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Exuding the confidence typical of a seasoned veteran in the music industry, Aspektz possesses the poise most artists aspire to one day obtain. Mixing eclectic musical tastes that range in scope from hiphop to house and jazz to jungle, he seamlessly meshes every element of the sonic spectrum. Combine that with his penchant for business development and branding and you begin to see the parallels between True Thorobredz and the early Roc-A-Fella years with Jay-Z.

Born and raised in Toronto, Aspektz (or Mr. Thoro as he is more affectionately known) has been starting businesses as long as he has been walking. Raised in a house packed with siblings and animals, Aspektz work ethic was instilled into him at an early age. “My pops always told me if you want something done right, do it yourself.” Acting on the timeless proverb, Mr. Thoro hasn’t been scared to show and prove in front of diverse audiences, captivating fans on-stage with Young Money, Keys n Krates & Zed’s Dead. Recently, he has been seen on XXL Magazine and his music has been featured in videogames, as theme songs on television (Court Surfing on TheScore) and as an anthem for the Toronto Raptors (Go Raptors Go). In 2011 alone, he had two songs reach the Top 5 on US college radio (Swivel at #4 and Snowday at #2).

“It’s time to stack bread, own land, loan fam dollars” – Guardian Angel

The coming years promise more of the same as Aspektz releases a flurry of hits for the Academic Probation campaign. “I’ve been digging deep to make sure this album captures the emotions from the last few years, but making sure it has that timeless, classic spin on it.” When In the TDot debuted on Much Music and CHR radio, it was quickly adopted as Toronto’s official anthem and thrust Aspektz onto the national stage. An HBO and Miller High Life collaboration tape (Eastbound & Down Presents: 7th Inning Stretch) then thrust the True Thorobredz general into the international spotlight. When the 360-degree Swivel video debuted, fans began to see the plan unfolding as a never-before-seen interactive music video escorted them into Mr. Thoro’s world with interactive technology. Snowday took the campaign to an entirely new level, letting fans tag along as Aspektz performed in 360- vision on the Red Bull Crashed Ice course in front of 110 000 screaming fans and with the song peaking at #2 on US radio.

“A strong grind from a strong mind.” – Sound of Revenge
Combining mass appeal with wit, intelligence and credibility, Aspektz has positioned himself as a trend-setting artist that thrives on success. Born December 9th, he was constantly exposed to a wide spectrum of music through his sonically oriented family. Sampling from the different musical tastes in his household, the young businessman created a unique sound spectrum to communicate his message. With the Academic Probation 3 (AP360) CD and interactive video campaign, Aspektz has earned the right to represent Canadian music on an international basis. Partnering with brands ranging from Red Bull and Billabong to Timberland and Hennessy, the 360-degree, interactive crusade is set to redefine how music is experienced. Combining production from top-shelf heavyweights with never-before-seen visuals, Mr.
Thoro has got all aspects of the entertainment industry on lockdown.

Toronto, Ontario
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