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Lit Up is the debut album from Astrocolor, a new project from the western edge of Canada. Conceived as an experimental Christmas album for a new generation of holiday listeners, it features 10 seasonal classics that have been artfully deconstructed and reinvented. Ambient, dubby, and jazzy, the album takes cues from influences including Massive Attack, Air, Stan Getz, and St. Germain. Perfect as background music for any seasonal soiree, Lit Up may also be the first Christmas album you’ll consider playing year-round.

Lit Up was co-produced by Astrocolor and Colin Stewart (Black Mountain, Dan Mangan, Ladyhawk, AC Newman). While primarily instrumental, it also features choice vocal moments from a collection of the band’s friends – Kandle, Rykka, Antonia Freybe-Smith, and Abi Rose.

Based in Victoria, BC, Astrocolor is Andrew Poirier (guitar), Anand Greenwell (saxophone), Chris Mackenzie (drums), William Farrant (bass) and Piers Henwood (guitar). With additional programming and instrumentation by Matt Lyall, the Righteous Rainbows of Togetherness, and Jason Cook.

Lit Up will be released via Last Gang Records on November 13, 2015 (December 11 in the UK).

Victoria, British Columbia
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