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A singer/songwriter from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Jennifer Parkin has become a true icon on the electronic music scene with her unique writing and performing style. In 2003, she began her project Ayria and shook the foundation of the electro-industrial scene by mixing striking feminine visuals, straight old-school industrial music with harsher, aggressive electro while still maintaining elements of electro-clash and 80's new wave.

Ayria has been intensively and successfully touring across the globe over the past 3 years gaining a very solid reputation for putting on energetic live performances.

Ayria toured the U.S.A as the chosen supporting act for legendary electronic-goth band The Crüxshadows (over 80 shows) and supported Combichrist. Ayria has also toured U.K., Europe, Russia, Mexico and Japan. Not fitting into any one musical category has allowed Ayria to gain a very broad fan base of underground goth, various underground club scenes as well as more mainstream audiences who are all addicted to Ayria's infectious hooks.

Ayria has released three full length albums on the Belgian label Alfa Matrix, including the highly acclaimed Hearts for Bullets released in September 2008.

This release brings 12 hard hitting, tightly written and produced tracks each track uniquely evolving the Ayria sound. Hearts For Bullets was produced in Canada by none other than Sebastian R. Komor. Ayria hits straight and hard with Jennifer's in-your-face sonic approach hanging between minimal electro, gritty bass synth lines and forceful stomping beats while never straying from the extremely feminine side of the project. Extravagant, provocative, bitchy and edgy yet all gut wrenchingly emotional and lyrically insightful; she hits a target somewhere between influences of Nitzer Ebb, M.I.A., Miss Kittin and Ladytron.

Before Ayria: Jennifer Parkin is also known for her earlier work in Epsilon Minus, having released two albums as the lead vocalist, before leaving to form Ayria. Jennifer was also featured as a guest vocalist on many other projects, including Implant, Glis, Parallel Project, Aiboforcen and the Mexican project Isis Signum. Ayria has completed remixes and added vocals for bands such as Angelspit and Celldweller.

Toronto, Ontario
Buzz chart position: 171
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