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Beta Frontiers

Toronto’s Beta Frontiers was born in Michael Butler’s living room— a home studio experiment in electronics that bubbled over into an arpeggiated assemblage of countless influences. Following the encouragement of his close friends, he wrote and recorded his first EP “….” a retro-futurist racer that was as sleek and modern as it was vintage; which featured the haunting pop anthem “Hondo” w/ Becky Ninkovic. Since then, Butler has been only looking ahead. After backing the dancy Dionysians Phèdre on tour as well as stirring up a stream of remixes (including ones for his Buzz buds Odonis Odonis) Beta Frontiers is poised to return this summer with a pair of potent earworms, aware of but not indebted to the past.

Toronto, Ontario
Underground chart position: 70
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