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Blimp Rock

Toronto's Blimp Rock is a rock and roll band that sings about Southern Ontario culture, having crushes and lifeguard conspiracy theories.

Founded for the sole purpose of raising $700K to purchase a functioning airship for a music festival that will take place over Lake Ontario, the band is desperately seeking exposure in hopes of generating hype and finance for this important project.

"Blimp Rock excel in an area that few bands can get away with; pop or rock music with witty lyrics that straddle the line between sharply witty and outright comedy. Acts like Christian Hansen and The Burning Hell have both done this well, and Blimp Rock can count itself safely within their ranks. After all, how many bands could make a song about Lake Ontario lifeguards be entertaining?" -- Gray Owl Point

"Swampy, bong-littered grooves and slick, silvery guitar lines pepper the entirety of the album - a warm welcome for the summer to come and a sinful array of festivities. It's a spoonful of Southern Ontario shtick that's sure to please even the more cynical connoisseurs of scrappy garage rock." - Beatroute

Guelph, Ontario
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