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Born in Quebec to a Swiss mother and a Uruguayan father, Carole Facal (a.k.a Caracol) grew up in a family of music lovers and studied the violin as a child. In her teenage years she pursued another passion: snowboarding. For 6 years, she criss-crossed America and Europe to participate in the circuits of "half-pipe" and "big air" competitions. A series of lucky events finally brought her to songwriting and back to Montreal where her music career has been blooming since 2005. Released in 2008, her first solo album “L'arbre Aux Parfums” has won Caracol much praise. She received the "Radio-Canada Revelation" title in 2009. She also won the Prix Miroir [2009],

the SODEC/ RIDEAU European Jury Prize, and was nominated for the Juno Awards [2009], ADISQ [2009] and Canadian Folk Music Awards [2009].

She has shared the stage with Serena Ryder on an Eastern Canadian tour, was invited by the American Folk Alliance for their official showcase, charmed European fans in March (France/Belgium/Switzerland) and was invited on many Canadian folk festivals. In addition, "L'Arbre Aux Parfums", released in France and Belgium, now sits proudly on European shelves and has made an impressive entry on the European charts. After playing the Winnipeg Folk festival in June 2011 she was invited to open for The Bangles on the famous Twilight series of the Santa Monica Pier in California. She returned to California for the Quebec-Hollywood showcases in September 2011.

Montréal, Quebec
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