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Chris Ho

Rising from the years of reclusive habits when he haphazardly recorded albums at home with hand-drawn album art, Chris recorded the 5-track EP 'Answers' more sincerely in April 2011. After directing a drama in the 2011 Victoria Fringe Festival, and releasing a music video for the featured track, 'Depending On The Day', the west-coast singer-songwriter hit the road on a BC tour in promotion of the EP.

Since then Chris has been working away at a full-length album with local producer, singer-songwriter, and close friend, Sam Weber. Although the new album stays true to the folk-pop sentimentality of ‘Answers’, it reflects a greater sense of maturity in lyrical content and musical complexity. With the release of the featured single, "No Connection", followed by a release of the full album later in the year, the young Canadian songwriter shows no signs of stopping.

Victoria, British Columbia
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