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Claire Coupland

Originally from Vancouver Island, BC, Claire has been honing her craft in creating charming folk style songs since 2012. With memorable melodies and emotive arrangements, she has a knack for moving her listeners with powerful vocal performances and expressive guitar playing. With influences ranging from Joni Mitchell to Fleetwood Mac and Laura Marling, she has adapted her own style and sound using open guitar tunings and finger-picking style guitar.

She is quickly establishing herself as an up and coming Canadian songstress and has notable experiences such as being personally chosen by legendary producer, Bob Ezrin (Pink Floyd, The Wall, KISS, 30 Seconds To Mars, Peter Gabriel) for a public song discussion of her song Fallen (Lonely Heart, 2014) for Humber Music Program's Producer In Residence week. She was selected as a solo performer for the 2012 David Foster Foundation Anniversary Celebration in Victoria, and has shared stages with acts such as Jacksoul and Beady Belle.

Her newest recording, For You takes a giant leap forward in production, arrangements, and song writing. This EP contains three new and carefully crafted compositions that each live and breathe their own story while taking their listener on a journey.

Toronto, Ontario
Underground chart position: 265
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