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Copilots came out of a long musical relationship between founding members Skye Brooks, Pete Schmitt and Dylan Smith. There is a wide scope of influences and experiences that has created the band's sound, which is both raw and refined, expansive and intimate. A restrained intensity simmers throughout their performances, at times boiling over into ecstatic abandon. Band leader Skye Brooks is known for his explosive and subtle drumming in cutting edge Vancouver bands, like Juno-award winning Fond of Tigers, Juno-nominated Inhabitants, the Tony Wilson 6tet, as well as great Canadian songwriters such as Veda Hille and Ndidi Onukwulu.

With Copilots, Skye picks up the guitar and steps up to the mic. Each member of the band is a fully realized musician, songwriter and artist in their own right. Pete Schmitt leads his own 200 Suns project and plays bass for Inhabitants and Sunkiller. Cole Schmidt leads Juno-award winning band Pugs and Crows as well as Sick Boss. Karma Sohn has released an album of beautifully crafted art-pop songs. Dylan Smith drums in 200 Suns and is an accomplished visual artist who creates the artwork and design for Copilots.

Vancouver, British Columbia
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