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Corin Raymond

Corin’s audience are discerning listeners, the kind of people who choose their DJs carefully and are their own DJs the rest of the time. His audience are people for whom music– especially a good song and a good lyric– is a life-changing thing. These are people who connect and commune with themselves through music, who celebrate with music, and who like it joyous and honest. They want their favourite songs performed with abandon. They’re probably a lot like Corin in that regard. They like to dance but they come to music more for listening than for dancing. They use songs to illuminate their secret selves or to put words to things there were previously no words for. They’re also like Corin in the way music inspires them at every level of their lives. Music is there for them when they want to party, and it’s there for them when things fall apart.

Winnipeg, Manitoba
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