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Cory Woodward

Since Cory Woodward arrived on the Vancouver music scene three years ago, the Edmonton born singer-songwriter has been swiftly gaining attention and praise from audiences throughout the city and beyond. With the release of 'Princess of the Skies' under his belt, Woodward took the electro-acoustic fusion of his impressive debut EP on tour dates in Europe, the U.S. and across Canada. Like John Lennon or Jeff Tweedy before him, he can paint a bitter picture of life, but always leaves audiences with a message of hope. Woodward lures listeners with a soothing, Springsteen-like rasp and then blows them away with the unbridled, soulful bellow of Joe Cocker. Whether whispering the sweet melody of a sensitive ballad or entertaining the crowd with charmingly comedic banter, Cory Woodward ensures there is never a dull moment in his performance.

Vancouver, British Columbia
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