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Cris Cuddy

Toronto-based Cris Cuddy is the leader of popular Canadian indie roots-rock-reggae band Max Mouse and the Gorillas, whose ranks have included such stellar musicians as Dennis Delorme (Prairie Oyster), Roly Platt (Ronnie Hawkins) and Hugh MacMillan (Spirit of the West).

His first solo project is "Come Along Carmelita", which features multi-instrumentalist Fats Kaplin (ex-Tom Russell) and members of Mary Margaret O'Hara and Big Sugar.

Cuddy's mentor, songwriting great Mickey Newbury, chose the album's title song for inclusion as a segue on his masterful "Long Road Home".

His latest solo release is a double CD "Keep the Change/Nowhere Town". Keep The Change was produced by guitarist Andrew Hardin (Tom Russell) and also features Fats Kaplin, legendary guitarist Albert Lee, and the great Gene Taylor (Fabulous Thunderbirds) on piano along with Keith Glass and Joan Besen (Prairie Oyster) and Kevin Breit (Cassandra Wilson, Norah Jones) and "Nowhere Town" was recorded in East Nashville with Fats Kaplin and Memphis George Bradfute (Paul Burch, Phil Lee, Webb Wilder, Jason Ringenburg).

In addition to his own critically-acclaimed projects, Cuddy has contributed songs to albums by fellow Canadians Prairie Oyster and Tracy Prescott-Brown.

Coincidentally the folk collector's LP "Jeremy Dormouse" featuring Cuddy has just been re-released by Void/Hallucination USA.

Cuddy has worked in Nashville with legendary producer Brian Ahern (Emmylou Harris, Johnny Cash) and their recordings are being re-mastered for release next year.

Peterborough, Ontario
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