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Dan McKinnon

McKinnon’s approach to his music is simple – allow the listener to experience what blues has been in the past, and present where the blues can be in the future a musical level. “As much as I love the various blues classics,  I'm interested in creating something different from what has come before me.” McKinnon says. 


McKinnon, who earned a music degree from York University, was mentored by jazz great Nelson Symonds. This training and mentorship adds an interesting depth and twist to the music he creates. He performs regularly in his hometown of Toronto and has performed in cities such as Los Angeles and New York.


A step back from the overproduced, blues/rock retread, McKinnon’s take on the modern blues features themes that course through the vains of anyone who’s had the blues; pain,  heartbreak, love and sex, paired with hard-hitting grooves and sweet melodies. This is modern electric blues that's reckless, intense and dirty.

Toronto, Ontario
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