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Daniella Watters

Music is Daniella's soul satisfier, soul sister, and her husband. Although she is married to music, the relationship is not monogamous. Daniella does not limit herself to one genre or one band! She sings R&B, Blues, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Soul, and Funk, and plays her own original music and covers. Daniella writes original music, collaborates with artists and producers, does studio work for other writers, and gives vocal lessons. Her current goals are to collaborate with talented musicians, write music for herself as well as other emerging artists, and get music placements in Radio/TV/Film! Daniella released her self titled EP this summer and is currently working on her second EP. Daniella's marriage to the arts extends beyond just music with her love for musical theatre, creativity, advertising, and marketing. Daniella has an extensive background in music, musical theatre, and dance. She recorded her first song at age 11, was a member of a pop group by age 12, and came into the wild as a member of "Untamed", a girl pop band, alongside Alithea Watters and Kim Moffit by age 14. Untamed's official single, "You're Not Gonna Score," was played on heavy rotation on Kiss '92. Untamed released "You're Not Gonna Score" on MuchMusic and the video for "Nothing in This World" played on 36 stations across Canada. Untamed released their debut album “Go All Out” in 2002 and performed countless shows across Canada and the U.S. Currently, Daniella is writing and is in the midst of recording her first full length album to be released!

Toronto, Ontario
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