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Darcy Windover

Singer/songwriter Darcy Windover is a well-known artist in the Canadian music-scene, regularly performing in venues across the country. His style is most often attributed to roots-rock Americana, with a range that covers multiple disciplines.

Darcy’s new record, Stones Bleed Honey, is set for release on October 8, 2015. The 11-song collection, produced by Aaron Comeau, features guest performances by Melanie Brulée, Sarah Burton, Paul Reddick and Kristen Bussandri. The release follows his debut EP Looking Back, Looking Forward an eight-song collection praised for its soaring vocals and soul-comforting sound.

When not touring across Canada and doing solo shows, Darcy co-fronts The Ole Fashion, a toronto-area country band. Over the years, he has shared the stage with The Tragically Hip, Joel Plaskett, David Usher and many others.

Toronto, Ontario
Underground chart position: 241
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