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David Vertesi

Although best known as part of the Vancouver indie pop group, Hey Ocean!, it is quickly becoming clear that David Vertesi will not be restrained by the straight jacket hold of a single genre, band or sound.

Having toured coast to coast countless times, his range is as varied as the artists he collaborates with: from Ontario's underground rap sensation Shad K and indie-rock veteran Jose Miguel Contreras (By Divine Right) to BC's indie-pop songstress Hannah Georgas and the over the top garage-synth antics of Topless Gay Love Tekno Party.

In the spirit of artists such as Leonard Cohen, Hayden or David Bazan, he conveys an honesty that echoes through your head long after your first listen and pulls you back with force. Vertesi is a consummate songwriter and musician and though he pays subtle homage to his influences, he seems to carve out a welcomed place for his own distinct sound.

Vancouver, British Columbia

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