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Deni Gauthier

A true artist and songwriter, Deni has been creating music as a profession for more than ten years. With a warm voice, open heart, and a lyricists approach to melodies, he reminds us it's great to be human. Deni is one of those rare gems that invests you emotionally into the song and connects with that special something inside that proclaims "You're Ok." "Let start here, where it all begins, where the air seems thin And I know for sure that the cool rain wins, just like its always been The wind will blow, over rock and through the trees, holds back the past of true unease This one lane road will send me back to where I came, not quite changed, but not the same" There comes a time in everyone's life where the deep examination of ones principles and ideas become necessary. Some people talk, some think, and some bury it deep down where nothing counts but what you see behind the eyes. Some people ignore it, some struggle with it, and some people are given a voice and a song. It's been like that since the dawn of time. Deni is a songwriter. Gifted with a voice and the ability to accept struggle. Sometimes hopeful, sometimes painful, and mostly beautiful, Deni's songs manage to wring something out of the everyday. Emotion perhaps… or perhaps visions of beauty, even in the dire rags of humanity, even when it seems that there is nothing beautiful left. "The only way that I can see the light is through the cracks I once tried to hide"... Deni's understanding of the individuals fleeting, precarious, often teetering position in this world, one that begs for a humble and loving attitude to all humans. It's about being equal. It's about loving unconditionally. It's about offering something to the world for generations. After all, this is our one chance on this planet, and what are we here for?

St. Thomas, Ontario

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