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Dominique Fricot

Dominique Fricot has come a long way since his humble, indie-rock beginnings in The Painted Birds. Taking a brave step into the deep-end of solo artistry, Fricot dove into the creative currents of his emotionally potent EP, If Baby Could Walk, in 2012.

Tumbling into local cult fame, the Vancouver-based musician’s swoon-worthy baritone ballads and honest lyrics named him the third place winner in The Peak Performance Project and won him the Shore 104.3’s Best of BC award for September 2012.

The climb continued for Fricot in 2013, as he journeyed to numerous festival stages such as Squamish Valley Music Festival, Winterruption, and Canadian Music Week.  Fricot’s acoustic hit, “Strange Lady”, also made its way to television in May 2013 when it broadcasted on an episode of the Showcase series, Continuum.

Orphaned on the onset of manhood, Fricot originally turned to music to plumb the depths of his emotions and translate his poignant feelings of grief into something positive. Finding his stride and new sense of maturity as an artist, he continues to make sense of the feeling of irrevocable loss through his candid skill of raw, uninhibited storytelling.

His discography blazes a new trail in genre, treading the line between post-brit pop, indie-rock, and folk. With his spellbinding strings, electrically charged vocals, and genuine onstage charisma, it’s impossible not to be charmed by Fricot and the honesty expelled in his music.

Singles “Haunted By Love” and “Burn and Start Over” have become the soundtrack of road trips and lazy Sunday afternoons, being regularly broadcast on quality Vancouver radio stations, The Peak 102.7 and the Shore 104.3. Evidence of Fricot’s lyrical mastery is in the numbers of listens of “Haunted By Love” on Spotify, now reaching over 170,000 plays.

Now, on the cusp of releasing his first full-length album, Sweet Little Fantasy (2014), there is more proof than ever of Fricot’s artistic maturity. Working with favoured producer Warne Livesey, Fricot has constructed an album that artfully chronicles the momentous moments of his life. In these powerful tracks, Fricot breaks your heart, mends it, and breaks it all over again with tales of loss, love, grief, and an overarching feeling of hope.

Weaving the punchy, sanguine sounds of “I Miss the 80’s” and the bittersweet melodies of “Saddest Thing”, Fricot sews some of the most potent ups and downs of his formative years into a seamless fabric. Cathartically, Fricot returns to song writing as a way to find solace, and in the process, produces music that could make a grown man weep.

Dominique Fricot’s sophomore release, Sweet Little Fantasy, will be available in June 2014.

Vancouver, British Columbia
Buzz chart position: 68
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