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Duke Squad


Montreal Pop band Duke Squad is a young and energetic band founded in 2007. Originally playing punk rock songs, they have released a number of music videos that received rotation on Much Music and Musiqueplus along with radio airplay. "Shake It Up" is the debut single on Jeff Burns' BKCI Entertainment label, taken from recent sessions with producer Tomas Costanza (Benny Benassi, Hilary Duff, Boys II Men) at Killingsworth Studios, Los Angeles and Planet Studios, Montreal. The studio sessions brought up a fresh new sound for the band which brings together a unique blend of punk rock guitars mixed with hip hop vocals. Duke Squad has preformed over 300 shows and have played alongside acts such as Simple Plan, Boys Like Girls, Avril Lavigne and Faber Drive. The band is hitting the road this summer in support of the release with dates booked by Vinny Cinquemani of S.L. Feldman & Associates, prior to the release of their first full length album this fall. 


Montreal, Quebec
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