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Dumb Angel

A swirling dreamscape of hushed vocal melodies, hypnotic acoustic guitars, spectral piano and bass, Dumb Angel is a Montreal trio centered around the music of Shaun Mason, whose luminous, mantra-like songs evoke Nick Drake, "Astral Weeks"-era Van Morrison, and the Red House Painters.

Dumb Angel have built a loyal following with their ongoing weekly slot at Le Dépanneur Café, Montréal's premier showcase for emerging folk musicians, while performing regularly at other venues throughout the city. They have released two acclaimed albums, "Ghost Dance" (2006) and "I Woke Up This Morning" (2008), on the Saskatoon-based Somnambulist Sound System label, touring extensively in support of both records.

Dumb Angel will enter Montreal's legendary Breakglass Studio in June 2011 to record their third album with the Besnard Lakes' Jace Lasek.

"Dumb Angel, the stage name for Shaun Mason. The stage name in no way fits the intelligent music he has created. This solo debut by the mid-twenties Mason is sensitive and ethereal. In a word: gorgeous." - Jeff Weiss - Miles of Music Online

"He's called Dumb Angel, and he has captured a mix of subtlety, thoughtfullness, and melody that allows him to...elevate his music to a higher plane of existence." - Craig Silliphant - Planet S

"Dumb Angel evokes the spirit of Nick Drake covering Red House Painters. ...the music is delicate and hazy, wistful lyrics matched by sympathetic playing and a warm centre." - Simon Lewis - Terrascope Online

"The drifting sounds of vocals and acoustic guitar shape the base of the vulnerable, instrumentally naked songs...which...move toward Iron and Wine and Mazzy Star." - Valère Sampermans - Rootstime.be

"Shaun Mason aka Dumb Angel is another very talented Canadian, this home recording sits comfortably in early Iron & Wine and Great Lake Swimmers territory." - NetRhythms.co.uk

"These songs are rivers that slowly stream through endless landscapes. Everyone who appreciates the Great Lake Swimmers will do good by listening." - Wim Bolujit - Hanx.net

Montreal, Quebec
Underground chart position: 441
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