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It started in Edmonton, spread to Toronto & Montreal and begins to circle the world - an infectious musical exploration that's filtered into the ears of London Hipsters, Parisian electro‐kids right through to New York Fashionistas.

The creators of this musical blitzkrieg are DVAS, a pair of electro‐dance innovators who have continuously created music from their base in Edmonton alongside local pals Cadence Weapon, Faunts and Shout Out Out Out Out. Dietzche V. and the Abominable Snowman have produced three internet‐released mixtapes, a slew of remixes including a lethal‐mash of Cadence Weapon's "Getting Dumb" available exclusively on Cadence Weapon's iTunes release of the Separation Anxiety EP, and the track “Inner Sanctum” featured on the 2009 France based blog turned label, Valerie: “Valerie And Friends” Compilation.

DVAS' French touch takes us on a dangerous and sexy journey of disco, funk, electro, soul, and pop with its bounce‐heavy set of emotional and summer‐y electro house anthems that will drench sound systems at the dawn of 2010. Since their migration to Toronto and Montreal they have greased clubs and dance‐floors throughout Canada with their high‐octane live shows, culminating with their anticipated showcase performance at Pop Montreal 2009. Just turn up at the club, leave your inhibitions at the door and we'll see you on the dance‐floor.


2010 was packed full of live dates, festivals, mixes and remixes, but best of all, the brand new LP will burst onto the scene in the early Summer months.


The "Society" album will be released on their new abode Upper Class Recordings, the Toronto‐based label responsible for bringing you influential and notable artists The Russian Futurists, Cadence Weapon, Girlsareshort (MSTRKRFT Al‐P's original project) and The Cansecos.

Toronto, Ontario
Underground chart position: 393
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