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Eric Chenaux

Eric Chenaux's songs wind up in all kinds of places and shape-shift from tender jazz standards to bossa to fried folk to meaninglessly romantic balladry. Sometimes these same songs are re-baked as modal tunes for guitar, banjo, drums, swinging speakers and wah-wah pedals (as they appear on Dull Lights) and become near-covers of themselves.

In the 1980's and 1990's Chenaux played rhythmically demented half-riffs with hoary post-punk band Phleg Camp and later wrote songs with the guitar duo Lifelikeweeds. Currently, Chenaux plays warped sweet-jazz in The Reveries, improvises fried polyphony in The Guayaveras and The Draperies, is a member of swinging jazz quintet Drumheller, plays languidly with Michelle McAdorey and psychedelically with Martin Arnold, writes jazz standards for the Ryan Driver Quartet, and composes skewed lyrical ballads for The Tristanos. Chenaux has played as a guest with ARRAYMUSIC, DEEP DARK United, Veda Hille, Sandro Perri and Josh Thorpe.

Eric Chenaux co-founded (with Martin Arnold) Toronto based recording label Rat-drifting in 2001, which has released twelve albums to date.

Toronto, Ontario
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