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Etiquette is a new band, but its faces are familiar. Graham Walsh and JULIE FADER are creative and domestic partners whose collective résumé unites not only Canada’s myriad musical communities—from folk-rock to noise-punk—but the generations between them. Walsh is best known as a member of electro-punk armada HOLY FUCK, and as a producer for nationally acclaimed newcomers like Metz, Viet Cong and Hannah Georgas; Fader, a renowned visual artist, has released an album of ethereal indie-pop under her own name while also lending her voice to artists such as Sarah Harmer, Chad VanGaalen, Blue Rodeo and Great Lake Swimmers. Etiquette marks the moment where all their experience and aesthetics intersect into a swirling, seductive sound that perfectly complements Fader’s personal songwriting with Walsh’s command of otherworldly, future-shocked sonics. Etiquette’s forthcoming debut album, Reminisce, is due for release February 24, 2015 on Hand Drawn Dracula.
Toronto, Ontario
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