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Eugene Ripper

It’s a creative journey that began in Toronto in the early 80’s as a guitar player for seminal Canadian punksters Stark Naked and The Fleshtones; evolved into a quasi nomadic solo career that not only established him as a trailblazing post modern alt folk rocker but included long term residencies in New York, Vancouver and Halifax and of course the prerequisite coast to coast touring.

Now, In 2013, Ripper - one of Canada’s most enduring indie artists - is firmly rooted back in downtown Canada (as he likes to refer to Toronto) and remains active and resilient within his fast folk underground muse. It’s a direction that accommodates Ripper’s iconoclastic genre jumping intents - one that can be fast, folk or underground. So while Ripper continues to walk the line between folk, post modern rock and his punk roots - FFU III digs deeper into these grooves, creating moments of sound and vision that are sonically rich and emotionally resonant spiked with groove, pulse and just enough edge to still represent his gritty foundation without trapping him in endless loop. As always, the songwriting is sharp, with blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moments of wordplay that unfolds - both lyrically and sonically - with an almost cinematic quality of assurance. 


Toronto, Ontario
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