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Evil Ebenezer


Hailed as “the best new voice in Canadian rap” (Exclaim Magazine), Evil Ebenezeer has become the voice of a generation that doesn’t want to grow up, get a job and give up their childhood dreams. With a mastery of cadence, he captures the neurotic soul of our times with eccentric dysfunction, humour and epic darkness all told with his trademark butter smooth delivery. This West Coast legend, has shared stages with the likes of the mighty Souls of Mischief, Ra the Rugged Man, Planet Asia, Devin the Dude, Tech Nine and the Beatnuts. Spending his time touring North America he met up with a couple deviants from Vancouver and created something truly hideous. Along with cult sensation Snak the Ripper and Young Sin he formed the super group Brass Tackz. The group joined the Warped Tour 2010 to play for crowds of 20,000 screaming fans. In the interim, our twisted hero has created his solo masterpiece, Evil Eye, and is once more taking to the road to “shatter the expectations of hip hop fans” (Spin) with his, “Pulp Fiction like adrenaline shot to the heart performances” (Urb) converting strangers to obsessed fans. This is the Evil your parents warned you about. Full bio


Vancouver, British Columbia
Buzz chart position: 88
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