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Roving Canadian troubadour Jake Fairley aka fairmont has built up a loyal worldwide following throughout the course of his ten year long musical career, most notably thanks to international club monster 'Gazebo' (2005), as well as a host of singles and three albums under a variety of psuedonyms on top-notch dancefloor imprints such as Cologne's Traum and Kompakt, Berlin's Sender and Toronto's Dumb-Unit. But it was back in 2007 that Jake made his most accomplished artistic statement to date, offering a window into his soul via his warm and fuzzy 'Coloured In Memory' fairmont album for Border Community, where his trademark driving analogue machine-funk was fused with hypnotic vocals and woozy interludes to put his own personalised spin on the danceable melodic electronics concept.

Since then Jake has given himself over wholeheartedly to the nomadic lifestyle that is the inevitable lot of the North American electronic music producer, flitting with the seasons between Toronto, Amsterdam, Berlin, Barcelona and Belgium, before finally plumping for his current Netherlands base where he awaits your European club and festival bookings. Jake is an old hand at this touring lark, periodically hauling his surprisingly compact all-hardware fairmont live show across the Atlantic throughout the past decade to wedge his mumbled vocals and burbling machines into the confines of the DJ booth - or spread them across the grandeur of a stage - as the situation befits. The results are raw, physical, intense and thoroughly charming - and not a laptop in sight...

The past couple of years have seen a string of EP releases from this ever-evolving artist, including the techno monster 'All Dreams Are Nightmares' on Areal and the psych-goth reflection of '3 Cities' for Traum (both under the fairmont moniker). Together with fellow outsider (techno) artists and Berlin-best-friends Metope and Pan/Tone he has also recently founded the Beachcoma record label: an island of free expression within the vast ocean of Berlin's minimal monoculture that has so far hosted three Jake Fairley / fairmont offerings, 'Evaporator EP', 'Gremlins EP' and most recently the motorik melodics of the 'Bercy EP'. And it was earlier this year that he made his triumphant return to the Border Community with a fairmont EP of truly epic proportions: each of the four lush harmonic synthscapes of the 'Velora EP' has anthemic legs of its own, affirming his prevailing vocal tendencies and pointing forward to a brave new fairmont album world to come.

Toronto, Ontario
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