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Have you ever listened to a song and within the first few seconds thought to yourself: ‘man, there’s nobody like this person in the whole world’? Or even better, that feeling you get when you take in a record and it’s like there’s no one else there but you and the artist.

Well… ladies and gentlemen, meet Famous.

“Hello, tell me what your name is… would you feel better if I said mine’s Famous?”

Let’s start with a bang: In his first year as a rapper, Famous was nominated for a Juno Award and MuchMusic Video Award for his debut EP, The I RAP NOW EP.

Take that in.

The project, a very well-crafted, short play album, with contributions from Grammy nominated producers Boi-1da and Tone Mason, spawned 5 songs, 4 videos, 3 radio hits, 2 major nominations, an MTV Live performance, a cross country tour, opening gigs with Nas, The Clipse and Method Man and 1 ‘Best New Artist’ award south of the border from 93.7 WBLK. It would seem that based on that, it’s fair to say that the old adage just may be true, We All Wanna Be Famous.

“I’m here and I ain’t playin’ yo, while most complain, they just talk, like AM radio.”

Straight up, there are many things that you can teach, but one subject that has remained ambiguous to educators since the beginning of time is ambition.

In the overcrowded world of hip-hop, Famous’ desire to be the best stands out like a neon shirt at a black tie affair.

To draw a parallel, he’s best described as what would happen if you mixed Kanye West with Eminem, coordinated by Fabolous’ stylist, adding in the mind state of Puffy in the 90′s topped off with the determination of Ashton Bishop (aka Famous). You got to respect the hustle when the best way to describe his drive is by comparing the artist to himself!

It’s that confidence that allows him to carve out his own lane in the rap game.

“So, who’s to blame, us or the system… money brings power, but does it bring wisdom?”

As a fan of hip-hop music, Famous ensures that every single lyric is clear, true and full of intentional meaning.

Taking cues from Bob Dylan, Chuck D and other prolific artists who concentrated more on their message, The Kid understands that his voice is a tool that can be used for the betterment of a generation and he’s not wasting a single breath.

With many of the songs on his adventurous Goddess Girl focusing on various aspects of peoples everyday lives, the 8 Part mini-movie/soundtrack (which he wrote and directed) became a viral triumph for the young rapper with views eclipsing the elusive 6 figure mark incredibly early.

“From the city where everybody underestimates us… I’m confident, I think I’m the greatest”

Think that’s a big statement for a new artist?

Perhaps take a moment and re-read the above biography.

Whether or not many people recognize it at first, there’s something exciting that happens anytime a new artist like Famous comes along.

Sure, the first steps all have a similar feel to them regardless of the performer, but there’s just something different about the special ones.

It’s the day when the Tipping Point is finally reached and all the early adopters get to say, ‘I told you so!’

It’s the day when all the promise that is so clearly laid out penetrates the pack like the sun breaking through the clouds after a storm.

It’s the day you’re being warned about right now.

So do yourself a favor and mark your calendars with a red Sharpie, you only get one heads-up. He’s Famous and he’s here.

Toronto, Ontario
Buzz chart position: 115
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