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Faye Blais

Sudbury's Faye Blais is back in Canada, spreading her new material here at home, following another round of International Tours. Detailed as "continuing the thread started by Joni, picked up by Ani and fashioned by Feist", Faye's songwriting, presence and personality are showcased beautifully through her impressive jazzy-bluesy folk style, on acoustic and electric guitars, and keys, with stunning, dynamic vocals.


Faye has spent most of the past five years overseas recording and touring her second and third album, with one and a half year stints in both Taiwan and Australia, where she filmed her recent live studio Album/DVD. Her tours have taken her through Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada.


Throughout her years overseas, Faye has performed hundreds of shows, including international folk festivals (Port Fairy Folk Festival, Woodford Folk Festival, Illawara Folk Festival - AUS, Spring Scream, Peacefest - TW, Art & Soul Festival - USA) and received great attention from radio, TV and print media (BLTV, ICRT - TW, ABC, Noise TV, Balcony TV, RRR, FasterLouder, MX - AUS, CTV - NZ), in addition to compilation album features, and placements in Web and TV wordwide (including productions by Australian Red Cross and the Oak Tree Foundation).


Since arriving to Canada in September 2009, Faye has been chosen as CBC Radio 3's New Music Canada Track of the Day (for "Something's Changed"), nominated for 5 Northern Ontario Music and Film Awards over 2010 & upcoming 2011, (Winner of "Best Vocal Performance" for track "Canvas" in 2010), and been included in Canadian Folk Festival lineups (Eaglewood Folk Festival, Northern Lights Festival Boreal, Arts Wells, Robson Valley Music Festival, Revfest).


With four cross-Canadian tours over the past two years, Faye has also been featured in a wide range of media at home, with radio, TV and print interviews and placements (CBC Radio One, Radio-Canada/CBON Breakfast Television - Calgary, CTV - Sudbury, VUE Weekly - Edmonton), and has recently written the music for an upcoming Canadian Aboriginal documentary.

Faye is currently based in Toronto.


Sudbury, Ontario
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