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Find The Others

Find The Others is an intriguing blend of acoustic songwriting, layered soundscapes, mysterious lyrics, and mesmerizing visuals.

Direct Current Music calls it “a potent, quietly mind-blowing cocktail as stately chords chime off the frets, hang in the air surrounded by looped samples and voices from old movies then drift off before being joined by distinctive, intimate vocal melodies.”

The latest, self-titled album features collaborations with Olivier Alary (Cat Power), Snowblink, Jorn Anderson (Peter Gabriel), and others. Find The Others live shows are a multi-sensory experience with synchronized video visuals.

Songs from Find The Others have been featured as theme and background music in feature films, the viral YouTube video sensation, Sh*t Girls Say (35+ million views), in short films for the Tony Hawk Ride Channel, and in advertisements for companies such as Whistler Blackcomb and Indigo Books.

A new album and video, recorded in Iceland with producer Valgeir Sigurdsson (Bjork), and Canada with producer Joshua Van Tassel (Great Lake Swimmers) is set for release in April 2015 on the Forward Music label.

Vancouver, British Columbia
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