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Grier Coppins

Grier Coppins began his musical career on the street in Toronto playing bagpipes at the corner Yonge & Bloor in the mid 1970's. In 1977 his picture was featured on the front the Toronto Star being arrested for "projecting noise into the street", a charge he later beat in court. He was an original member of the eclectic Canadian bagpipe/world/jazzy/funk/folk band Rare Air throughout the 1980's, critically acclaimed as pioneers of their time and touring extensively throughout the USA, Canada and Europe to a lighter degree.

In 1993 Coppins founded Taxi Chain and began writing songs. Taxi Chain is a musical adventure, an original musical combo, "a delicious smorgasbord of R&B, soul, and pop with a large side dish of bagpipes... bluesy jigs and reels with strong overtones of old school funk, rock&roll, country, folk and world music".

Coppins’ live performances are always ‘musical events’ featuring bagpipe & saxophone parades and extended musical journeys. Between Rare Air & Taxi Chain Coppins has played almost every major folk festival in Canada and the USA and a paupers' wealth of clubs in between. Both bands have been well played on CBC radio and in the early 2000's Taxi Chain's 'Mrs MacLeod's Daughter' was the closing theme to the CBC radio show 'Definitely Not The Opera'. Both bands have been sighted as influential & favorites in the careers of much better known Artists, but Coppins own notoriety outside of a small & dedicated fan base has been marred by a rebellious nature and erratic participation in the music industry.

With the popularity of the Internet and people's ability to communicate more directly with the artist without the music ‘biz’ in the middle, Grier has begun recording a wealth of new and old music, and is working on a book of his original bagpipe tunes.

We give you the first release in a series, a new recording by COPPINS, “The Prince that Nobody Knows”

"You know Grier from his amazingly danceable bagpipe-juke-joint funk band TAXI CHAIN and all the way back to the truly groundbreaking RARE AIR. Well this is down-home, back-to-basic, straight-on pure unadulterated Grier Coppins music. It sounds like the streets. It's the sound of the trials and tribulations of the everyman and quite possibly the perfect soundtrack to any Bukowski novel. The songs... some dark, some funny, some danceable and some just good visceral fun."
- Michael Wrycraft - Juno award winning album designer and host of 'Cover to Cover', roots music Internet radio show.

Toronto, Ontario
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