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Hey Mother Death

Hey Mother Death is a spontaneous project by Laurence Strelka & Denma Peisinger, based between Paris, France & Halifax, Nova Scotia. Using a mix of both French and English spoken word, avant-guitar exploration, minimalist organ, synth, and even dub reggae, the duo have created a dark and mesmerizing moodscape on their debut self-titled EP and an electric and sensual journey on their debut LP Highway.

Laurence and Denma met a few years ago on a train platform at night, outside of a dilapidated telephone utility building in the outskirts of Paris. They were both going to study with Philippe Gaulier, one of the last great masters of old-school theatre. Denma had just left his years long mentorship with the San Franciscan free jazz visionary Jerry Granelli. Laurence Strelka was being mentored by the cult film director Alejandro Jodorowsky while acting in his play.

Riding the train back to Paris, talking about blues, they connected. The recordings for the first EP just happened. The moment they started playing what would become Black Monday, there was an intense connection, life or death, choice less.

The Highway recordings were a process of learning and committing, digging into the depths. Most of the texts for Highway were written in the winter when Laurence was living in Paris and Denma in Halifax, poetry about their life experiences, contemplating the death of friends, its ordinariness, life and dreams. The duo are currently exploring collaborations with various multimedia artists and are very excited to soon share those pieces.

Here is a quote from Jerry Granelli that is very relevant and inspiring for HMD, “There is not much to say about any music. Either it touches you or it doesn’t.”

Halifax, Nova Scotia
Underground chart position: 391
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