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Inlet Sound

Inlet Sound is the musical convergence of passionate folk-rock spirit and atmospheric pop form. 2012 has seen the band surrounded by and tirelessly crafting The Romantics, their first full-length record, in cabins and churches with the help of acclaimed producer Laurence Currie (Sloan, Wintersleep, Holy Fuck, Hey Rosetta!).

With the album on the verge of completion in the middle of a frantic summer tour schedule, Inlet Sound’s Sean Hardy, Steven Gore and Michael Wexler are riding the high of finally putting the finishing touches on their dream project, conceived two years ago at a dilapidated student house in Hamilton, Ontario. At the time, their goal was simple: to translate the tumultuous experiences of youth and maturation into a message with which many could relate, in a medium that was both powerful and expressive enough to do it justice. Now, with countless shows, rehearsals and studio sessions under their belts, the band are at last ready to share the fruits of their labour. The Romantics has finally arrived, and it has come to represent more than they ever could have imagined.

A busy year is on the horizon, touring Ontario and Eastern Canada, and having just played half a dozen shows at Toronto’s North By Northeast Festival in June, the boys are looking ahead to the coming months in anticipation of bringing their lush, powerful and infectiously catchy tunes to as many new ears as possible. Exactly what awaits the band in the long term remains to be seen, but whatever the future may hold, one thing is clear – they are just getting started.

Toronto, Ontario
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