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J Dizzay

Born in the Battlefords, April of 1986, J Dizzay is the youngest of 2 boys to enter the small family. Music was always a huge part of Dizzay's life. It all started at a young age when he discovered his love for music. He began listening to everything from The Rolling Stones to Bob Segar, due to the fact his mother would be cleaning all day listening and singing along to her music collection. Dizzay's father bought him his first cassette tape which was Elvis Presley, along with his first ghetto blaster. Him, along with his older brother, would be in their room making there own mixtapes with blank cassettes they bought at Woolco. They also made their own little radio station singing over the music with a mic that came with the stereo, not knowing they were actually remixing music. Dizzay's older brother was always playing guitar and all forms of music, which influenced him even more to explore the wide range of music out there. His older brother moved away, and not having any close sibling or relatives to guide him in the right direction, Dizzay began to rebel as a youth. He was hanging around with friends at school and heard rap music which brought back early 90's memories of his brother listening to Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Nwa & Cypress Hill. After liking what he heard he a new positive outlet "Music". J Dizzay says - "I was always intrigued by the beats & the lyrics, In the 90's I was a big fan of the whole west coast rap movement." His parents divorced when he was an early teen. He moved around a lot not knowing which way to go. He found himself back in his hometown of the Battlefords with music more on his mind than ever. Right than in his life he knew what he wanted to contribute to the world. Once high school came around, Dizzay was so into music he just had to have the newest on the market, even had albums that couldn't be purchased yet. He graduated in 2006 with an excellence in fine arts music award. His older brother came back to the family house, who was still playing music. He started jamming with some friends and Dizzay joined in drumming for the country rock band for 3 years. His brother went to a friends house who had a recording studio. They were laying down some tracks and Dizzay decided to record his very first rap track. He was hooked on recording after that moment. Writing music all day and night just to record 20 tracks the next time he went to the home studio. Considering he had no professional music training, through trial and error his lyrics on the beat kept getting better. During this time Dizzay was putting all of his time and energy into his music production. At this point in his life not only was he trying to pursue a dream, he was going through a lot of hardship, Some friends & family would make fun of his dream, Yet he kept going saying "I live by my own rules, not letting nothing hold me back from what I want out of life." There is nothing in the world that anyone cant accomplish once they get their mind right and work hard to achieve their goals. Dizzay's live shows are a solid hour of high energy upbeat music that makes everyone want to dance. He has also done many youth shows where he talks to them about Suicide, Drugs and to think positive about life. He is a true young role model for the youth. Being 24 and drug free, with so much success coming his way, they can look up to him and hopefully clean up there lives and follow in his footsteps. Dizzay released his first mixtape Nightlife Volume 1 in 2008. Since then he landed himself on 3 Swagg news mixtapes along side big names artists such as Lil Wayne, Black Eyed Peas, Rick Ross & more. After that he was offered a spot on The Facebook Famous mixtape which was a tribute to Michael Jackson. He has also been on 3 Canadian Monsters Compilation albums with the best in Canada. In 2010 Dizzay released a free online cd which has had great revues from all who takes it in. Dizzay has been on a number of top ten charts, hitting #1 on numerous radio stations. He's also done interviews across Canada and into the States. Dizzay landed the #2 spot on the Myspace unsigned Canadian artist beating out more than 230,000 artists. Being in the spotlight is nothing new to him. Through all the struggle, sacrifice and dedication, Dizzay has perfected his sound and is now ready to be known as a respected artist in the music industry. Currently, he released his debut album "Flying High" and is going to donate half of every sale to help fight breast cancer. Dizzay signed a deal with We Global Entertainment out of Los Angeles, California which helped him get a online distribution deal, He has since put out a mix tape & album under the label & is in the studio working on his sophomore album "RECKLE$$" which is set to drop in 2012

North Battleford, Saskatchewan
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