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JJ & The Pillars

JJ and The Pillars are a 4 piece Folk-Rock outfit originating from small town Peterborough, ON. They have been making a splash in Toronto, Most recently winning The Edge Next Big Thing out of nearly 700 Canadian Bands, and playing Koi Fest, Indie Week, CMW and The 2014 CASBY Awards with Arkells, Tokyo Police Club, Dear Rouge and More.
JJ Thompson, a musical theatre grad, reunited with an old high school friend Brett Wright after a 5 year hiatus, JJ asking Brett to fill in for 'one' show on Bass, an instrument Brett had never touched. Stefan, a friend-of-a-friend, ended up answering a last minute Craigslist Ad "Need a drummer... Yesterday" that JJ had posted. They've been bandmates and close friends ever since. Donald "Donny Boy" Richard (added in late 2014) was a friend of JJ's From PEI, who was a last minute add before THE YATES CUP HALFTIME SHOW to 6,500 people, he's been with the band ever since.
JJ and The Pillars debut album WOLVES was recorded in Toronto with producer, and friend of the band Ross Hayes Citrullo and was mastered by the legendary João Carvalho. their first single "The Wolves" has been on the rise on 102.1 The Edge's Top 30, Canada's Biggest Rock Station, by popular demand.
JJ and The Pillars are starting to prove success through out the Toronto music scene playing with bands such as: Arkells, Dear Rouge, Tokyo Police Club, IMOTHEREARTH, USS, Billy Talent, Mounties, and Current Swell.

Peterborough, Ontario
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