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John Tayles

Whether he’s singing in crowded venues in North America or teaching music to people in Uganda, it is evident the role music plays in the life of John Tayles. The singer/songwriter from Mississauga, Canada, is known for writing acoustic guitar and piano-driven songs with catchy, infectious melodies, smooth vocals and deep, vulnerable lyrics.

John developed as an artist while attending university. After over 200 acoustic, solo shows, a live performance on the New PL's Morning Show and a number of radio appearances, John's music caught the ear of Warner/Chappell Music songwriters. Through them, John got the opportunity to go to Los Angeles to work with other industry professionals to hone his craft.

John volunteered his time to help the less fortunate in Uganda, Africa, in August 2007. While there, John also took the opportunity to share his passion and love for music by teaching a group of young Kenyan and Ugandan men to play the piano and guitar. Not only did John leave an imprint among this group of newfound friends, but the experience made him understand the true power of music. “In Uganda, I realized that music has such an ability to connect people because it’s not just about listening with the ear, it’s about feeling with the heart,” John said.

In November 2007, John took part in an international songwriting competition held by Slicethepie.com. John competed against 14 other finalists from around the world and was voted the Best Singer/Songwriter. John is the first and only Canadian to win the contest. The win helped John record his debut album, Thoughts Out Loud, produced by Darren Grahn (Metallica, Bon Jovi).

Since then John has now played over 700 live acoustic shows, has been collaborating with other artists and releasing his own brand of youTube videos, all while working on material for his sophomore album.

Mississauga, Ontario
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