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JUD is an American alternative rock band, orginally from Los Angeles, but now based in Berlin, Germany. The one constant member is frontman, guitarist and songwriter David Judson Clemmons (also known for his solo efforts and records with The Fullbliss). The band currently also includes James Schmidt and Jan Hampicke.

The following text is from their official bio from www.judtv.com: Each music fan knows them, those small treasures from their own collection, which one carries in the heart, whose value is unmeasurable. JUD are one of those treasures, which became important and valuable for many, through their releases between 1996 and 2001, and remain unforgotten despite their other projects. JUD never took the straight path. Whether solo albums of David Judson Clemmons or participation in The Fullbliss, Amen or Mondo Generator, JUD would never be forgotten. A treasure always well-tended by the fans, with the hope that the band will continue to tour and record. After four albums and a 6 year break since the release of "Perfect Life", they present their 5th effort.

This also stands for the character of David Clemmons, Mastermind, singer and guitarist of the band. One, who is forced to make music, who is impelled by it and could not live without it. One, who does everything for it and arranges his life, so that he may continue to create. Originally from Virginia/USA, David moved to Los Angeles to join the Progrock band Damn The Machine, and formed JUD after its end in 1994. They did several US and European tours, through which David Clemmons finally lost his heart in Berlin and since has been commuting between both continents.

In 1996 Ross Robinson produced tracks for the Debut album "Something Better ", with other tracks produced by Matthias Schneeberger, who amongst others, produced the Gutter Twins, and Desert Sessions. The complete works of these two producers also answers the genre-question, and in addition, the class of the band and the league it could and should be playing in.

"Sufferboy "is produced by Jon Caffery, whose work includes albums by Joy Division, and Einstürzenden Neubauten. Jon and David met during a session in which Jon was producing a song for The Fullbliss in 2002. When Jon received the JUD rehearsal recordings he immediately became a fan and chose to produce the album as a risk-taking member, volunteering to spend the 3 weeks needed to track, mix and master, which otherwise would have been unafforable. It was a perfect & magical connection, the distinct JUD sound was hit on the head. The riffs are unmistakable, walls of guitars, rough, raw, impulsive and always on the edge. The dark and desperate hymns inspire and entrain. Stories, full of questions, doubts and conquests, that always gave JUD this dark character, remain. Despite the break, Jud has made a seamless and succesful transition from their own history to their own future.

David Clemmons is one of the charismatic frontmen, who always reaches and affects his audience, whether at a festival or in a café. He is one, who reaches his fans with humble gestures and great songs. "Sufferboy" has everything an exceptional album needs. A superb production, outstanding and unique cover art, personal and provocative lyrics, and above all, Soul.

Montreal, Quebec
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