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Kalsey Kulyk

Kalsey Kulyk is a veritable breath of fresh air on the Canadian country music scene. This down-to-earth, small-town Hudson Bay, Sask. girl has a story chock-full of determination, hope and big dreams. Surely you’ll find those themes laced throughout the stories of many a country artist today, but for Kalsey those qualities were put to the test at a young age.

The challenges Kalsey Kulyk has faced do not define her. Instead, her experiences have helped populate her abundant song library with themes of humanity and depth. Performing since the tender age of four, Kalsey possesses the confident, natural stage presence of an artist well beyond her years. Currently, she is working with Phaymis Records of Calgary, Alberta. Her debut album is anticipated in April of 2014. Kalsey recently put the finishing touches on the video for her new single, Sunshine Girl, set for release February 2014. The single comes hard on the heels of her holiday ballad Winter Light Parade. The festive song was heard throughout Southern Alberta in conjunction with a promotion by Calgary Jewellery in late 2013.

Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan
Underground chart position: 180
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