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Kim Harris

Kim Harris’ oceanic voice is vast, and ever changing. She emits rich colours, and textures with her debut album, Only The Mighty, a shoreline of metallic moods and airy effervescence. Inspired by love, darkness, and particles of light, Only The Mighty is a testament to resilience.

“Singing feels primal to me. It feels strong and vulnerable at the same time. At the time when there were hunters and gatherers, I picture myself off singing in caves and on cliffs comparing the sounds and putting the baby mountain lions to sleep.”

Originally from Newfoundland, and now based in Halifax, Harris has performed at Halifax Pop Explosion, East Coast Music Awards, Nova Scotia Music Week and In the Dead of Winter Music Festival. Harris takes listeners on a symphonic journey that soars through constellations, tumbles through storm clouds, and plunges into the underbelly of the sea.

On her debut release, Harris brings truth, nature and wonder with producer Dale Murray. Only The Mighty is a record of intrigue and heart. Harris’ impeccable voice blends with lush instrumentation, artful arrangements and backup singers. She invites listeners to hear the whispers, and roaring of it all.

“I am very inspired by the intricate connections between humans and how deeply we can love. There is something comforting in the idea that we are all constantly going through waves of darkness and light that feel separate and alone but are so similar and parallel.”

Harris’ 10-track release Only The Mighty, is a tour de force with songs such as “The Weight of It All,” “Oh Lion” and “In the Woods.” Filled with loss and hope, Only the Mighty evokes a graceful soulfulness.

Recorded in Port Howe, Nova Scotia with Dale Murray, Only The Mighty features an array of musicians, including: Murray on bass, electric guitar and pedal steel, Brian Murray on drums and percussion, Stewart Legere, Margot Durling and Jay Needham on vocals, while Harris performs piano, acoustic guitar, and hammond organ.

“The Mighty are the smallest parts of ourselves, as strong as diamonds, that show themselves when they are needed most. It is a massive explosion of love. It is about finding a place you are supposed to be and a purpose you are meant to fulfill. Sparkles and feathers everywhere.”

Cornerbrook, Newfoundland and Labrador
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