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Lee Palmer

A follow up recording to One Take, live at Canterbury, 60 Clicks is primarily an acoustic production. Of the 10 tracks recorded all were penned by myself in the fall of 2013 excluding Changed Man, which was written 20 years earlier. I found the message of that song still rang true and seemed to fit the groove of this album. 60 Clicks is a live recording that utilized some of Canada’s great roots musicians *. The name of the album came from a high school classmate and member of our high school rock band that called at the time I started the project in the summer of 2013. He called to tell me that he was losing the fight with cancer. He passed away in October and the song 60 Clicks tells the story he told me. The album is a collection of stories put to song that reflect my journey thus far. Parents Child is a message that I hope my kids, your kids and parents in general can relate to. Wrong not to Write is a bit of a tribute to song writer Steve Goodman and “The Perfect Country Song”. Steve is someone I wish I could have met but I get a sense of him from YouTube videos and can relate to his musical approach. I’ve always written and performed a mix of country and blues. I’m not really in either wheelhouse totally and this album certainly reflects that. Lots of performers have blurred the lines between the two genres and I’m happy to join their ranks. This album is dedicated to: my younger sister Jill who passed away days before this recording and has always been a source of strength and inspiration; my old friend Bill Smith who lost the fight with cancer in October of 2013 and inspired the song 60 Clicks; my children Tom and Kat who inspired the song Parents Child; my good friend Elmer Ferrer who inspired the song Together We Roll and whose support has made my musical reboot possible. *A special thanks to: Al Cross who has supported my reboot and helped my timing through proximity osmosis, Wendell Ferguson and Burke Carroll who were part of my musical journey when I came to Toronto in the early eighties and were great to reunite with on this project, Neil Donell on background vocal, new musical friends Roly Platt and Alec Fraser for sharing their genuine musicality on my album. A special thanks to long time artistic phenomena Carlos Sabado, my mom for the creative genes and background graphic and young artist Isabelle Ferrer, who lent her eye to my project….literally.

Toronto, Ontario
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