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LG Breton

For the very first time since the beginning of his musical career, composer/producer/multi-instrumentalist LG Breton finally reveals his craft as a singer-songwriter by delivering, under his own name, a collection of personal songs.

Having composed, produced and performed for countless projects and alongside various artists, it is now time for the world to be introduced to LG Breton's unique "vintagely-fresh" sound.

Discover the offering of this well-known and respected Montreal-based musician...
Step into a world that often evokes the British/Psychedelic rock tradition of the late 60's and 70's, but with a distinctive North American twist and a decisively modern glow to the delivery and production. One could call it "mid-Atlantic" or "trans-era" rock, perhaps?

Lyrically, LG Breton bewitches us with his unique, often tongue-in-cheek and ironic outlook on all matters: love, friendship, social isolation, personal evolution and life in general.

His songs have been labelled "smart", "quirky", "luminous"...

Montreal, Quebec
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