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Lily Frost

Currently Lily is working on a project based around the 1870’s Negro spiritual song Motherless Child. The process has been very emotional and organic championed by music lover and friend Lee Maslin (Squirtgun Records) and Gord Dimitrieff (Aporia Records). It is comprised of 2- 6 song EPs the first of which will be released in Sept 2014 and the second in the Spring of 2015. Eventually the plan is to turn the 2 EPs into 1 vinyl and present the show in theatres. Motherless Child was recorded at Operation Northwoods by Darryl Neudorf (Neko Case). “Daryl is patient and allows me to get into the zone and then captures me accompanying myself live on piano or guitar. Lee has a very calm and balanced energy which encourages us to stay on target. These are the inspiring songs I sing to myself when I’m alone and need to connect to spirit or need to rise above depression.” The focus is on Frosts vocal performances. She uses her voice in ways she has not yet shared with the public. “I am spontaneously moving through repertoire choices as the moment calls me. I don’t know what the songs on the next EP will be yet but as in the case of the first EP, they will reveal themselves to me when the time is right.” The material is largely taken from the African American gospel/jazz arsenal. However, Sweet Sacrifice is an original lilting co-write about the bitter-sweetness of motherhood. The second original on the EP is the super catchy Hear My Cry which stands out with it’s swampy rhythm and pleading refrain. Jose Contreras (By Divine Right) lends a major hand in the music tracking and production for this track. The cherry on top is a melancholic French cover called Ma Jeunesse Fout L’Camp. (My Youth is Slipping Away). There are film noir-esque videos to accompany 3 of the songs which reflect the timeless leanings of this clear and bold piece of musical work. The cover image sums up the emotion, the pleading to a higher power for help in times of need, the connectedness of us all to spirit and the emancipation that music can bring us.
Toronto, Ontario
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