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Me and Mae

A little bit of serendipity, mixed with abundant talent has played a profoundly significant role in the rapid rise of British Columbia-based country band Me and Mae.
Together under the banner “Me and Mae”, the band has forged a reputation as the one to watch on the Canadian country music scene. It’s also led to the recording of the band’s debut album Off the Rails, which will be released on May 13 via Cordova Bay Records.
It all started with a song called Love Me Leave Me Lonely, which Meehan co-wrote with Carly Rae Jepsen, who at the time was a guitar student of his. Love Me Leave Me Lonely was the first song they recorded, the first single they released, and one of the most accessible, melodic and memorable tracks on Off the Rails.
What Cha Wearin’ is a sassy, sexy romp of a song that examines the first flushes and blushes of a new romance, but with a 21st century twist. The newest single from Off the Rails, it is a shining representation of this band’s very focused and independent spirit.
Besides the sauciness of the subject matter, What Cha Wearin’ is also an example of Me and Mae’s ability to write songs that feature memorable vocal and melodic hooks, and which can incorporate a variety of styles so that the material sounds cutting edge and current, but still very original.
Tailgate Party is a foot-stomping party anthem and hallmark of Me and Mae’s unique slant on songwriting.
The band also decided to record covers of two popular country music hits for inclusion on the album, putting their own spin on the Johnny Cash classic Ring of Fire as well as Dolly Parton’s peppy 9 to 5.
At the core, the creative partnership that anchors Me and Mae has been prolific and has paid wonderful musical dividends as the methodical, professional, analytical songwriting methodology of Meehan has meshed delightfully with Jacky Mae’s more inspirational writing style on Off the Rails.
With momentum, talent and timing on their side, Me and Mae is poised to win over legions of fans looking for good, homegrown country music with a rock and roll sensibility and an ability to make folks want to dance, sing and perhaps even indulge in some enthusiastic texting.

Langley, British Columbia
Underground chart position: 186
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