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Michelle McAdorey

Into Her Future is a new LP by Toronto singer-songwriter Michelle McAdorey. Recorded over a period of two and half years with long-time collaborator and friend Greg Keelor of Blue Rodeo, at his Lost Cause studio, the nine songs in this collection (Eight on the vinyl version. The final song The Remainder, is available with the rest of the album, digitally, via a download card packaged with the LP) address the nature and importance of love as a guiding and crucial force in the world. The love for a child, the love of nature and the earth and the way love travels through time, linking the past to the present and indeed into the future.

"Michelle’s spirit has always been an inspiration to my own work," says Keelor. "I have long been in awe of her strength and passion, not just as a singer but as a writer and an interpreter of feeling, which to me is the essence of great songs. I am thrilled to have been a part of this process."

Toronto born McAdorey cut her musical teeth in London, England during the 1980s; recording with her own band as well as with Kirsty MacColl. On her return to Toronto, McAdorey formed Crash Vegas with Keelor. Memorably described at the time as ‘An awake Cowboy Junkies’, their debut album, Red Earth, was popular with critics and fans and was certified silver on the strength of the singles Inside Out, Smoke and Sky. The demise of their record label Risqué Disque soon after the album’s release was the beginning of a tumultuous period for the band; legendary impresario Bill Graham was a fan and took the band under his personal management wing, securing a deal for a second album, Stone, however Graham’s untimely death in October 1991 left the band once again without a manager or a record deal. A third album, Aurora, although well received in Canada, was to be the last music released under the Crash Vegas name and the band split in 1996.

McAdorey has continued to write and record under her own name, releasing a solo LP, Whirl, in 2001 and the more experimental Love Don’t Change in 2003. Into Her Future is her first full album of new music in over ten years.

Toronto, Ontario
Underground chart position: 452
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