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Modern Superstitions

Modern Superstitions are an intense new band hailing out of Toronto, a trio of childhood pals specializing in an original vision that blends pop, rock, punk and Motown with the melodic invention of a White Stripes and the sparse vigor of a Velvet Underground.

Hailed by Chart Attack as a band to watch in the future, Modern Superstitions’ teenage members — leather-lunged singer Nyssa, guitarist Matthew and bass player Harry — offer compelling life observations on the dramatically spunky “Go Between” and the powerful “Mercy Line” with an eye on achieving three noble ambitions: great songwriting, integrity and longevity.

A voice of today’s times that will resonate tomorrow and for years to come, Modern Superstitions in the must-hear, must-see band of the moment, and the next necessary step in your personal chain of music discovery.

The time for enlightenment is now.

From Lastgang.com

Toronto, Ontario

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