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Old Kid

OLD KID (Darryl Webster) is Canadian folk, mixed with northern soul, and a hint of California sunshine. After seven riotous years of leading Canadian indie rockers Sunriser and after digging his band's tour van out of one too many snowstorms, Darryl Webster decided it was time for a break. Darryl landed in Manchester in the fall of 2009 — a fitting destination for the lifelong sports lover, musician, and storyteller. With little intention of pursuing a solo music project, he soon found himself captivated and heavily influenced by the cultural energy of England's North West. Upon his return to Canada, Darryl recorded a five-song solo EP with producer/engineer, moon:and:6 (Whitehorse, Royal Wood, Rose Cousins). Released under the new moniker of OLD KID, the unassuming EP opens like a lullaby, by paying homage to Manchester. A deliberately sparse and acoustic tone is set early and is a marked departure from Sunriser's crunchy guitars and garage rock beats. But Darryl's trademark laid-back phrasing and soulful vocals remained in tact with a matured nuance towards storytelling. Still restless after the EP's low-key release, and not yet ready to face touring, Darryl traded in his guitar for a laptop, moved to Los Angeles and enrolled in the UCLA Writer's Program. With contributions in the Toronto Star and Exclaim Magazine under his belt, Darryl began working as a writer for Manchester City Football Club. His new outlet sparked an audacious book-writing project: a 70,000-kilomtre tour visiting Manchester City supporters clubs all across the Globe. Pride in Travel, slated for release in the fall of 2014, is a captivating exploration of local culture and football, set against one man's journey toward self-discovery. Likewise, OLD KID's music is a reflection of Darryl's own fight against growing up. "Oh my love, don't give up on me," in the aptly titled "Manchester,” is as easily a love song as it is a story about the singer's ruminating self-awareness. “The things you thought would always stay; don't stay the same” he concedes in “Yorkshire Lady,” a secular hymn with a lilting melody and gentle guitar fingerpicking. Contrast against the bouncy piano-led hooks of "The Wars I Don't Miss Waging" Darryl demonstrates he still knows how to craft a proper pop tune. "These are the faces I've been missing, these are the ones that I can't live without, I can't be away from" he confides, with a loyal wink to old friends and former bandmates. After months of global wandering and a new round of OLD KID songs to share, Darryl Webster has finally returned home to Canada. With the realization that his indie-rock music is now on permanent hiatus — along with his sometimes reluctant, sometimes relieved admission of past failures and lessons learned; OLD KID has become a new, more personal voice for this emerging writer and singer/songwriter.

Toronto, Ontario
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